Got Ideas? Let’s Get Started!

E7 Systems has been building application for startups and Fortune 50 Corporations for over 10 years. We have specialized in building entirely new and unique applications. We can build yours.

Empathy and Creativity

The core skills of meaningful innovation.  We know how to get new technology adopted, by understanding needs and wants of users.


We have the cloud computing skills to deliver affordable hosting that can grow as fast as your company. Our Cloud system architectures offer redundancy, replication, security at a price that matches your usage level.

Reusable Code Base

We have reusable code to jump start your project saving time and money. Our code base encompasses social computing, business directories, ads and media management, membership, shopping and more.

Awesome 24x7 Support

E7 engineers support their own work. We are backed by system health monitors and notifiers, performance dashboards and E7’s proprietary Help mobile app.

Geek Power

E7 Developers write code and build systems for the pure love of solving problems. We are innovating 100% of our waking day and frequently while we sleep.

Cloud Skills

We care deeply about the systems we create and for the success of our clients. Many have worked with us since before our founding in 2000.

Why E7

E7 Systems was founded on East 7th Avenue in Durango Colorado. E7 was created to provide brilliant technologists with rewarding



    We understand the process of building websites and mobile applications through our expertise and produce award winning solutions that become popular and make our clients achieve their goals and values.

    Mobile Apps




    Engineer Configuration

    Market Eng.





    Happy Clients


    Projects Delivered


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    Agile Lean Flexible

    Clear Understanding of the vision

    Develop the approach and propose the development and timeline

    Sprints are compiled of several tasks and typically last two weeks, and repeat until release is ready. 

    Release the proposed development